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What is your in-game name?


How old are you?

20 - November 30th 1995

What time zone do you live in?

Eastern Timezone - United States (GMT-5)

What is your current playtime?

3 Days 8 Hours 6 Minutes

Tell us about yourself:

I have A good sense of humor, professional attitude, and alot of positivity. Can be serious when I need to.. Pretty laid back, know how to read people, easy to get along with, know how to have a good time and enjoy helping others / meeting new people, and most of all I know how to have a good time ;)

What can you do for BlissScape?

I can be an active understanding staff member who helps the community grow as a whole and help where it's needed. I can take criticism and feedback very well and actually look for things that can help me improve at anything, whether it be how I act, in-game knowledge, or what I can do better no matter what it be. If I do something wrong i'll try to correct it so it doesn't happen again.

Have you ever had any experience being a staff member?

Not for Runescape private servers. Have been a manager, and ran a few successful youtube channels though. Ran my own server a couple years ago with a small community for a short time but not counting it because it was something really small..

Why do you want to become staff on BlissScape?

I'm enjoying this server, and I want to be apart the journey way I can. Showing my support for the server as a staff member will help me build a connecting relationship with anyone who plays and the community as a whole. I've learned a decent amount about the server so far and i'm still learning each time I play something new.

Any final thoughts?

Nothing really comes to mind, servers on the right tract and it took me a long time to find it xd Very picky when it comes to servers, tried a few but none kept my interest. Constant updates, friendly community, listening to player feedback and working with the players to come to a middle ground for me is a very good sign the direction the server is headed and makes me motivated to build/grow and spend time with a growing server. Excited to see where it ends up, and hope I can join along the way <3

Welp that's all I can think of, so yeah. Tried to keep it short and simple lol
Posted Feb 10, 18 · OP
good app, get that playtime up!
Posted Mar 10, 18
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