Username: Imheretodung

Date of Ban/Mute: 4th of February 2018 by Icy

Reason for perm mute: Cant remember exactly - offensive/discrimination i think it was...

Reason for Appeal (Explain why the punishment should be lifted):
I could make this very long winded but i will keep it short.
If you recall the previous time i was muted by Mod Level for simply calling Highscores a "hick", you reduced this mute from 1 week to half a day because it was not a deserving punishment - i was clearly baited.

So accordingly, my next proper punishment should be a 1 week period because the previous mute by level wasn't necessary as you will remember.

Can you please change my mute status from permanent to 1 week as that should be my next deserving punishment.
I appreciate the way you handled the previous situation and trust you will exercise fair judgement in this case again.


Dung (Tom)

Additional Information (Evidence, witnesses, ect.)
Despite the one "offensive" statement i made, there is clear evidence of baiting by Rage Awake and his pals, e.g the other day on discord when i messaged you saying i was being trash talked by them. Other players came to my defense when they saw what happened as they knew i was deliberately being baited today right before Icy muted me.





ALSO one of his pals though it funny to laugh on discord about what happened, clearly shows they getting a laugh out of their baiting...


so i had to block him...